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Smriti Ahuja

Smriti Ahuja

Director & Head of Operations

Certified Practising Accountant

Bachelor of Commerce
(University of Queensland, Australia)

Smriti has 8 years' experience in the Superannuation Industry covering a wide range of clients. After qualifying as a CPA, she joined a small private practice in Milton, Brisbane in January 2007. She then moved to a mid-tier Chartered Accounting firm in Brisbane CBD in November 2007 and, after her return to India, has continued providing her services to the firm till date.

Her work for these firms forms the foundation of her present consulting and solutions expertise. Along with the responsibilities she was given, the constant mentoring and support she has received over the years have helped her develop strong analytical and leadership abilities as well as effective interpersonal and motivational skills.

With a strong background in the Superannuation Industry, Smriti has attained experience in the taxation and business services, covering companies, trusts and partnership, and their related tax structures.

Nitesh Ahuja

Nitesh Ahuja


Master of Business - Marketing
(Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Bachelor of Business Management
(Christ College – Bangalore, India)

After graduating from Queensland University of Technology, Nitesh moved back to India in 2005 and joined the family business as a Director of the Ahuja Group of Companies, with particular focus on the group's manufacturing activities. With over 9 years of experience in manufacturing and hospitality industry, Nitesh is the driving force behind the development of Ahuja Group's nationwide marketing network and growth in the last decade.

To o2inow he brings a passion for business development, and an inherent ability of developing a close understanding with clients. He strongly believes in constant mentoring and encouragement of staff members, and actively engages with our accountants to achieve the best overall structures, strategies and solutions.


At o2inow, we recognize that our staff members are our most valuable assets. Our team includes experienced and talented Chartered Accountants, MBA's and graduate accountants who have a strong desire to learn. They are highly motivated, and have sound knowledge and understanding of the modern-day accounting process – in terms of accounting principles, legislation and accounting software tools.

We pride ourselves not only on our quality, accuracy and delivery, but also on maintaining a progressive work culture, which results in the generation and sharing of a diverse and innovative range of ideas that help us to continuously improve ourselves and the work we do.